The Young Digital Social Innovators Online Educational Resources (OERs)

The Young Digital Social Innovators Online Educational Resources (OERs) are designed to develop the digital social innovation skills and confidence of young people when setting up their social innovation project or business.

A MODERN RESOURCE with a purpose to provide youth workers and young people with structure, guidance and activities so they can practically develop their Digital Social Innovation project or business.

An INNOVATIVE APPROACH because they take into consideration the needs and challenges faced by youth educators. Educators will be equipped with a course developed to be flexible in a blended, online or offline learning capacity. Using lesson plans, materials, nugget sized information and fellow young social innovators as best practice examples they will cater to all forms of prior knowledge and understanding. There is also an Educators Guide with step by step instructions on how to potentially use this course to suit your learners needs and educational learning environment.

INTERACTIVE AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES are incorporated to allow for adaptive digital pedagogic strategies. As a result, both educators and young people have access to update their knowledge and skills in digital technologies in the high demand field of social innovation.

DIGITAL SOCIAL INNOVATION as a topic is a key driver for young people to make positive and compelling contributions to the communities they reside. Young Digital Social Innovators will empower young people to become confident social innovators making the most of digital technology available to them. They will be enabled to create their own impact statement and roll out initiatives that can make a real difference to the world and its societies.

Young people will be in a position to ENGAGE in their communities prompting them to identify and understand the problems around them, to express opinions on human rights, economic or social issues, and to engage with community groups and public servants as key instigators in the areas of digital social innovation and the opportunities it presents.

Young people will be EMPOWERED to design and implement their own projects or businesses. The Young Digital Social Innovation project puts young people in the driving seat for positive change; it enables leadership and paves the way for active citizenship. It also changes the narrative about what young people are capable of, especially important for disadvantaged youth who can stop feeling like part of the problem and show they are part of the solution.

Young people will be EDUCATED in the social innovation issues and how they can assist or alleviate in some way, such as; social problems, environment, consumption, justice, accessible advanced health care and education, assisting those with disabilities, combat crime, poverty, bullying, isolation, segregation, addictions, environmental sustainability, climate change, illiteracy, unemployment…and the list goes on.

Further Explainers

SOCIAL INNOVATION is about creating ideas for change (Social TrendSpotter 2018) and developing solutions to improve the wellbeing of people and society.

DIGITAL SOCIAL INNOVATION is a smart/technology-driven form of social innovation (Social Innovation 4.0) that uses the power and potential of digital technology to create ideas and develop/implement social solutions for change.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES such as Blockchain, Design Thinking, Virtual Reality, Robotics, AI, and Cloud Analytics all have tremendous social innovation power but simpler online platforms, websites and mobile apps that can also be used to great effect in changing societies on a global scale. You will learn more throughout this course.