Digital Social Innovation has the potential to change education for the better – to build a fairer society, to include the excluded, to empower citizens to be agents of change, to equip individuals with the skills they need for the coming decades. (Mapping Digital Social Innovation, October 2018)

For this reason, Young Digital Social Innovators aims to empower young people to become confident social innovators making the most of digital technology available to them. The objective of the Young Digital Social Innovators Toolkit is to provide practical guidance and tools for youth educators (and managers of organisations) wishing to incorporate Young Digital Social Innovation (YDSI) activities into their youth work strategies, with a particular focus on increasing their confidence in using digital tools and apps.

Our toolkit is designed to teach you our Top 20 tools to enable innovative solutions to social problems. Follow our 5 step approach:

STEP 1: About each Tool
STEP 2: Tool in Action learning from others.
STEP 3: Strengths and Weaknesses of each tool
STEP 4: Getting started with the Tool
STEP 5: A short review of each Tool