Motivation can wean over time, so use it to the max

As businesses grow, so too can the mistake or the hurdles, these are two things that can be detrimental to motivation and perseverance. So, it is imperative to use that youthful motivation to its maximum in the first few years of business. That way, you can score some quick touchdowns to keep you ahead of the game if things ever do slow down.


It’s more difficult to make drastic changes the more settled you get. Property, investments, tax commitments, family — all of these things can contribute to slowness in making major changes. This, in turn, can slow down pivots in business.

Starting a business when you’re young gives you a blank canvas. Unattached entrepreneurs can move anywhere, go anywhere, do almost anything. This allows them to adapt to the market quickly or completely change the ideas of your business. So, utilize the flexibility of youth to discover what gets your heart pumping and makes you money. The closer your passions align with your core business, the happier you’ll feel over the course of your career.

New technology is your ally

Young people are digital natives, over the last 2 years we have seen young people shoot to stardom through viral videos on TikToks, many of whom are entrepreneurs using the platform for marketing purposes. Young YouTubers are building empires. And massive brands are sprouting from nothing but a web presence. This doesn’t mean that Gen-Xers and older Gen-Yers can’t do the same. It just means it takes a lot more work because they didn’t grow up surrounded by this new tech. Embracing technology is the way forward, digital innovation is happening everyday and it is important that young people harness there innate digital skills to stay on board the digital train.

Mentors are a great source of advice and support

Humility is a key trait to have as an entrepreneur, and those younger entrepreneurs who do have it are far more likely to succeed than the ones who don’t. Because they know that they don’t know everything and therefore challenge themselves to learn constantly. Finding an experienced mentor with decades of experience could give you an edge as a young entrepreneur.


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