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Top Tips for Young people starting out on their entrepreneurial journey!

Motivation can wean over time, so use it to the max As businesses grow, so too can the mistake or the hurdles, these are two things that can be detrimental to motivation and perseverance. So, it is imperative to use that youthful motivation to its maximum in the first few years of business. That way,

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An Exciting Progressive Sector that is Changing the Irish Landscape

Irish and European Digital Social Innovators are already progressing and changing the European landscape creating ideas for change through digital technologies which have disrupted and will continue to transform the wider social innovation sector as we face a whole new world post Covid-19.  Check out Module 1 Introduction to Digital Social Innovation where you will

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Mission Marketing, How Young People In Ireland and Reaching Hearts and Minds

Irish Young People are using Mission Marketing to Reach the Hearts and Minds of their customers, users and communities. Check out Module 6 Marketing Young Digital Social Innovation where you will learn how young people from Ireland and across Europe have used the power of digital storytelling and mission marketing to impact and advance their

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Young People are Leading the Way, and This is How They Are Doing It

Irish Young People are using Design Thinking to lead the Way in Digital Social Innovation. Design Thinking is perfect for developing a social innovation idea because it allows high impact solutions to come to life. It specifically helps social entrepreneurs be more innovative, be able to differentiate themselves, bring their innovations to market faster. Our

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YDSI Launches

Omagh Enterprise Company welcomed all the Young Digital Social Innovators project partners to Omagh, Northern Ireland for the initial two-day meeting of the project. It was a highly productive meeting led by Mary, Oonagh and Nick around a topic of very significant importance, not just in the UK but across Europe. The meeting facilitated the

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More about YSDI

Against a backdrop of rising inequality, cutbacks in public services, and marginalisation (and/or radicalization) of disadvantaged young people, the project will make a significant contribution to the EU’s Youth Agenda of active, engaged, connected and empowered young people. Social innovation empowers young people to shape the world around them. Young social innovators develop key competences


Digital social innovation

Across Europe a growing movement of people is developing inspiring digital solutions to social challenges. These range from social networks for those living with chronic health conditions, to online platforms for citizen participation in policymaking, to using open data to create more transparency about public spending. We call this phenomenon digital social innovation (DSI). DSI

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